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Book Signing: A Case for a Nicer God by: Ed Elkins

All assertions in this book are intended to be challenged and discussed. Hopefully, people who read this book will have unrestricted, unfettered, and genuine discussions about what this universe is all about. The best single word I know that explains the intended goal of this book is the Latin word "veritas". Veritas, in Greco/Roman mythology, is the mysterious goddess of truth. Her intangible nature causes her to hide in a holy well.The word veritas is now used in expressing the purest exchange of thoughts and ideas in order to search for the elusive truth. "In vino veritas" is a Latin phrase that means "in wine, truth", suggesting that a person under the influence of alcohol is more likely to speak their true hidden thoughts and desires. Wine may provide traction in the search for truth, but I am not sure wine is a catalyst for finding truth. In the 22 discussions in this book, there is no intention to convert anyone to another faith. I have confidence, excitement, and happiness in what I understand about the universe, and at the same time, completely respect and honor what others understand about the cosmos and beyond. Having a discussion with you to learn new insights into our wonderful and mysterious universe would be a joy for me.The one point I hope is taken from the book is that the Source of all there is should not be feared in any way. With that knowledge, I hope everyone moves along on their journey with confidence, excitement and happiness.Rock On and Peace Out,Ed, a.k.a The Woo Woo Daddy

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